Using the Battery (Akku)

First Use

  1. full charge,
  2. turn on handy,
  3. let akku discharge to 5%,
  4. full charge again,
  5. always try to charge at least if under 20%.

Further Use

Specialist terms (Fachausdrücke)

  • What are Panels? Panels are screens like your homescreen on which you find shortcuts (Verknüpfungen) or widgets to different Apps (Applications, kleine Programme). Instead of shortcuts, widgets are automatically updated. Switch panels by swiping (schnell bewegen) your finger to left or right.
  • What is a Dock? The icons on the bottom line of the display are on a special layer, called dock.
  • What is Swipe gesture? Pointing to an icon and fast moving upwards or downwards

Icons in bars

  • status bar (Statusleiste ganz oben)pictogramms:
    • dot with 3 bows above: quality of WiFi-connection
    • 4 collumns-pictogramm in: indicates the reception quality of the phone net
    • 2 arrows (up-, downl-load) and showing "E" (Economy): 2G (GSM GPRS, EDGE)
    • 2 arrows (up-, downl-load) and showing "H" (HSDPA, Highspeed): 3G (UMTS, WCDMA, HSDPA) (for switch use an widget, see in Apps)
  • notification drawer (Benachrichtigungs-Menü) buttons:
    • green: activates or deactivates WiFi (W-LAN)
    • blue: Bluetooth
    • orange: GPS
    • purple telephone icon: mobile internet (2G, 3G)
    • purple sound icon: sytem sound

Keys and Gestures

  • On/Off < 3sec: Lock/Unlock (Sperren/Entsperren)
  • On/Off > 3sec: Turn off
  • Menu: Options in Screen or Application
  • Home hold: last applications
  • Magnifier (Lupe) in Home short: search for Internet, Apps and Contacts
  • Magnifier (Lupe) in Home long: TTS-Search (Text-To-Speach) for Internet Search
  • Magnifier (Lupe) in App short: keyboard on/off


The following settings are best for standard performance (usability, long battery).
  • Settings > accessibility tools (Eingabehilfen): use on/off-key to pick up (Abheben) or put back (Auflegen) to calls
  • Settings > Spracheingabe & -ausgabe Text-in-Sprache (TTS) > Spracherkennungseinstellungen > Sprache > von Standard-Deutsch auf Deutsch ändern!
  • Settings > Wireless > WiFi > WiFi-Options (Einstellungen) > Options > Extenden > WiFi-Standby Rules > choose "Never" if you have activated UMTS, Choose the first option, if you have deactivated UMTS (otherwise the mobile phone will switch in 3G (UMTS) if in standby). Perhaps temporary deactivate UMTS (when both is activated wifi has higher priority). "Netzbetrieb" bedeutet hier, es hängt an der Steckdose.
  • Settings > Wireless > WiFi > Mobile Networks > activated by data (Daten aktiviert) --> activates 2G or 3G or both (same function as the purple phone button in the notification drawer second from right), You can choose to surf only with 2G.
  • Settings > Wireless > WiFi > Mobile Networks > Roaming (access to internet in foreign countries. it could be very expansive, so do not activate it)
  • Settings > Exchange-Server: If you dont use an exchange server, change settings to "never"
  • WiFi Tethering (mobile WLAN hotspot): to connect a laptop by WLAN with the Mobile Phone and Use the Internet of the Mobile Phone
  • the alarm clock works in flymode!
  • always try to use home widgets and not home shortcuts, because they are updated automatically

Safe Mode (Abgesicherter Modus)

  • Why? Deinstall unstable applications.
  • turn off: by pressing Power for 3 sec
  • turn on
  • when Android-Logo is displayed hold "menu-key"


  • when mobile phone stuck: turn off by pressing Power for 3 sec; than hold for 10 sec: Power + Homescreen + volume down
  • in other cases: Setting > Privacy (Datenschutz) > Factory data reset > Phone

Internal test & settings menu

  • dialing 3845#*500#
  • attention: I do not know, what you can destroy with that so far :-)