• Do not connect your mobile phone to PC before you haven't installed the USB-Driver by LG Mobile Updater or automatically by LG PCSuite. Else you will read when connecting to PC, if you want to install special USB-Drivers, and if you now say "cancel" these drivers will not installed any more. The only solution to this is, temporarily activating the USB-Debugging mode on your phone (see below).

Identify your telephone

  • IMEI: type *#06#

LP Support Page for LG-P500 Optimus One

Using of LG Mobile Updater

  1. why? it can access Applications (like the LP PCSuite), Manuals, Drivers, and is for Software-Update (Firmware-Update)
  2. download
  3. Install on PC (attention: it needs much accesss through the firewall. It installs to C:\LGP500)
  4. Klick on: Install USB-Driver (Mobile Phone should not be connected). Choose LGP500 (it will download the "LG United Mobile Driver" and execute it).
  5. If you Mobile Phone is not recognized (Wenn Ihr Optimus One LGP500 weder vom LG Mobile Updater, noch von der PC Suite erkannt wird), than install additional the "LGWindowsMobile_USBDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver_1.0" driver. If it is still not found, than do the following on your phone: settings > Applications > Development (Entwicklung) > USB-Debugging. After that you can deactivate the USB-Debugging again; from now on, your telephone should be recognized by your PC. If all not help, try "USBDeview" and uninstall the usb-ports.
  6. Klick on Service (Kundendienst) > Applications, Manuals, Driver
  7. Type in the IMEI-Number
  8. Download what ever you like (in C:\LGP500 you will find your downloads).

Installation of the LG PCSuite

  1. why? it can backup your telephone, and is for Software-Update (Firmware-Update)
  2. Mobile Phone: Settings > Storage (Speicherverwaltung) > only for Mass Storage (USB-Speicher)
  3. PC: Connect USB-Mobile Phone (Do not confirm the question to install driver on PC - we first have to copy the drivers from the SD card to PC).
  4. Mobile Phone: Confirm the Question with YES
  5. PC: copy the folder "LGPCSuiteIV" to PC or download the actual suite with the help of the "LG Mobile Updater"
  6. PC: open "PGInstaller.exe"
  7. Mobile Phone: deactivate USB-Mass-Storage
  8. PC: deactivate USB-Connection
  9. you have to install the "LG United Mobile Driver" (see LG Mobile Updater) and do not activate the USB-Mass-Storage on Mobile Phone now
  10. Connect via USB again